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No Sales Emails Needed Action Lab

BACKSTORY: One of my absolute favorite (and effective) methods over the years to get more eyeballs on your offers in MemberVault is to give a gift to your current subscribers. 😍

So many benefits and tangents I can go on here re: why giving the gift of an optimized product with quiz questions is super duper smart, both in the short run and long game...but I'm trying to make this a fairly quick read, friend!

But I've added some serious fuel to that gift strategy, by doing something I *should* have been doing...uhh, for like years now?? 😅

WHAT I DID: I added a $127 upsell offer to the thank you message of my $9 offer. And the upsell also had a $39 order bump, all using MemberVault.

That's all. <-- I know, this isn't news to anyone using ThriveCart and SamCart and ClickFunnels...but I'd just never really dabbled in the whole upsell/order bump thing until this experiment 🤷‍♀️

What I love about this is that it's NOT just a sales page with upsell and order bumps -- it's also a GIFT to existing subscribers, and a growth incentive for new subscribers. So even the people who don't buy are getting hecka value, and opportunities for me to nurture them. It's like combining hard sales + relationship building goodness. 🥰

And I'm going to walk you thru how to set this strategy up and roll it out to your current/future subscribers, using YOUR MemberVault.

Private podcast feed w transcripts + screenshot/text based instructions included! 

Want me to check in with you for a few weeks to make sure you don't forget you have this new resource? Make sure you go with the Action Lab + Accountability emails option (Oh, I so wish more people had this as an option!). I'll send you automated check in emails on this schedule 3, 2, 1. The first week, you'll get 3 emails. The next week, you'll get 2 and the final third week, you'll get one final check in.

All of the emails will include easy one click links back to all of the lessons, a tiny little actionable strategy to keep you motivated and moving forward. 💪 If you finish before the three weeks of accountability emails is complete, you can easily unsubscribe.

For the next 100 sign ups -- you can get 50% off this Action Lab by using code JUSTFORFUN, so only $9 $4.50.

I'll be adding a video walk thru (with captions) soon, and raising the price to $19 for new buyers, so if you're curious about the strategy...now's the time to grab your access.

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