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Set Up and Sell

*This resource is included for free on all account plans, including free trials, as a great starting point!*

Staring at a blank account, or feeling paralyzed by perfectionism? 🤯

This is a self led offer that will get you unstuck, and your idea lightbulb turning on with a jolt of "ooooh, now I get it!" enthusiasm. MemberVault is SUPER flexible, and that's awesome. But it's also easy to get overwhelmed with how much you CAN do, to the point where you don't do much with it. #WhompWhomp

Set Up and Sell offer will walk you thru turning your MemberVault into a supportive sales ecosystem, including the strategy and the specific help docs to help you do it, and then, we'll work on getting you selling your offers and supporting your people, using your fancy new MemberVault.

These foundational recommendations are NOT complex ideas, or actions. 80% of it won't take you much time at all, and the other 20% is making sure you have a way to get on your email list, and a way for them to pay you. But pulled together, they turn your MemberVault into a supportive selling ecosystem that makes it way, way easier to convert people to buyers, and buyers to repeat buyers. Happily. 😍


"Thank you for this awesome Set Up + Sell course! You have a gift of popping into my inbox when I need a pick-me-up. You are always cheering me on and there is always help whether it is inside MV, the FB-Community or here via email. You created this mini cosmos of positivity and togetherness and optimism and basically magic. Thank you!" - Ronja Jürgens

"Just when I thought I knew just about everything there was to know in MemberVault... Erin released this gem of a product! You don't have to be new to MV to get a ton of value and quick wins from Set Up + Sell -- seasoned MVers will get to view their site through a whole new perspective as well. I've only had access to this product for a few hours, and I've already updated my footer, added in analytics and am brainstorming how to make the best use of my announcement bar this next season!" - Hannah Harris

"The new Set Up + Sell access is incredible. It’s already inspired me to create a newsletter sign up page using the MV pages tool - no more nasty mailerlite default landing pages. 🔥💥🔥" - Mike Roberts


I've looked at thousands of MemberVault accounts over the years, and worked directly with hundreds of MemberVault admins, not to mention selling 6-figures worth of offers using MemberVault for MemberVault, and there are clear patterns about what makes a successful account.

And Set Up + Sell is going to get YOUR account set up to be a successful sales ecosystem, so that you can more easily send people into your MemberVault, and have MV do the rest.

There are 10 steps, and 80% won't take you very long at all. The other 20% is making sure you have a way to get on your email list, and a way for them to pay you. I'll explain why each step is important, and then include links to the exact help docs you need to actually do the things.


Not long at all. ESPECIALLY if you already have a free and paid offer in your MemberVault. That's the most time consuming part of this whole thing, and the rest is just a click here, a click there and knowing where to put your energy for the maximum impact.

The goal here is to help you shake off any "but I don't know where to start" or "I'm not sure I'm doing this right" vibes, and help you take some action.

This Set Up and Sell offer is for you IF: 

- you don't have a single thing set up in your account yet

- you have a few things in your account, but you don't feel great about them

- you've been sharing your account, but you feel like you're missing something because people aren't buying

- you've been actively selling offers in your account, but you feel like you could be doing better

- you want a jolt of accountability and reminders to stay front of mind with your people (with ideas on how to do it)

If any of those fit you, then you'll get the exact support you need to move forward with confidence, using your MemberVault to sell your offers and support your people. Let's do this! 🙌

Have an account with us, including a trial, and don’t have access to this? Reach out via chat inside your account and we’ll get it sorted for you. 

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Included on all plans, including trials!

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