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Launch Your Summit Action Lab

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Want to run a summit in 2024, or working on your next summit and curious how you can best utilize your MemberVault to reduce time spent and increase engagement across the board?

This one is for you. I've always been resistant to summits, both as an organizer and as a consumer. But after experiencing a few audio-only summits, I realized this was TOTALLY something I could do. And I wanted to make it as low lift as possible since I'm a busy CEO, homeschool mom of 3 and hater of complicated systems.

It's worked so well that I knew I wanted to turn it into an Action Lab to save other people even MORE time when they set theirs up. 💪

I mean...look at the replies from speakers to my automated emails. Twas a beautiful thing! 😍

And out of 12 speakers, 11 got everything in by the deadline with zero manual follow up from me. Which is pretty much a MIRACLE (in my eyes at least). 🙏

In this Action Lab, you'll get ALL of my follow up emails, like the one below...including how to get the seamless one click links from your MemberVault to make this ultra easy for your speakers...plus, a video walking you thru how I had my email automation set up so that you can mimic it in your own email tool. 

So that YOU can save time and energy with your speakers too. This can be used for asynchronous summits, or interview based summits...you'll just tweak what you put in your follow up emails!

And that's just the tip of the iceburg of what I'll be including in this Action Lab.

If you want all of the behind-the-scenes info about why I am running the summit how I am (i.e. audio-only, asynchronous, evergreen, etc), how I'm automating all of the speaker management and engagement during the using automated emails, how I'll be gamifying the summit content...and why I made all of the decisions I made. 

This Action Lab is for you.

And if you hate writing emails, or just don't wanna, reminder...you'll get those too. 🙌

I'll be including templates of all of the emails (from the speaker follow up emails to the engagement boosting emails during the summit) to mega save you time (and mental energy) implementing for your own summit.

Sound good? Let’s do it!

If you're on our Unlimited plan, you get access to this Action Lab for free!


^^ This sound ridiculously good for that price? Yup. So what's the catch? Easy. I create these because (a) I find creating these low cost offers easy and low pressure for me and (b) because I want you to love it so much that you want ALL of the Action Labs (like the Gamify Your Offers and Audio Gold)...thus making our Unlimited plan even more valuable since you get them all included for free. *muahahaha* 😂 <-- this kind of standalone product that is also included in a membership/recurring product is called a "splinter strategy" in marketing lingo, but I call it supportive selling bc options. 😍

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