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About Us

"Argh, I hate using this tool...it's so freaking complicated, and it always breaks at the absolute worst time!!!!" 🤯

"I could code something better..." 😏

And that is the origin story of MemberVault, aka what happens when you combine a business strategist (Erin Kelly, CEO and co-founder) and a web developer (Mike Kelly, CTO and co-founder). Over the last five years, we've learned so much about how to ask, how to listen and how to operate as a small company with dreams of staying small, but mighty. And we're excited, and committed to many more years learning right alongside our users.

MemberVault HQ is based in Olympia, WA in the United States but our team (and community) are global -- and we like it that way! 

We will always be committed to diversity of voices — and that includes all ages, abilities, gender identities, cultures and religions. We believe this leads to the best possible business reality for us all. Different perspectives raise all up, and silencing anyone because they are different from yourself is inexcusable.

Our community is one of positive, supportive voices from all over the world, and we will continue to welcome all who want to be a part of that community.

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