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All Access Membership w/ Erin Kelly

Welcome to an Unprecedented Level of Support with MemberVault's All Access Plan

Ever logged into your MemberVault and found yourself thinking, 'I don't know how to do x, y, or z...' or 'But my business is unique; how can I set up MV in a way that works best for me...' or “I set this up, but I’d like a second set of eyes…” while juggling all of your content and offers? After years of running MemberVault, we know where people get stuck, and our mission is to smooth out these roadblocks. 

Yeah, so we've got the Collaborative community that everyone gets access to, and that's great. And we also have super helpful customer service.

This isn't replacing either of those.  And up until now, our All Access Plan (formerly known as the Unlimited Plan) has been pretty darn amazing - unlimited products, unlimited members, unlimited communities.

But if you're wanting MORE guidance, MORE support, MORE time savers to make the most of your account or product(s) - THIS IS FOR YOU!

Introducing the All Access Membership  - a little something EXTRA on top of our All Access Plan.

When I sat down to think about what elements would help you the most, this All Access Membership was born. All of these options are like an a la carte menu -- take what you need, when you need it...ignore everything else.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Monthly Marketing Templates: every month, you’ll get a template pack with 4 emails, 20 social posts and 20 prompts to help you increase visibility, growth and sales
  • The Q&A Podcast: Dive into deeper topics with on-the-go guidance from me and other experts, answering burning questions and offering fresh perspectives.
  • Weekly Digest Email: Stay in the loop about upcoming events, opportunities, and new content, curated to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Complimentary Access to All Action Labs: These popular strategic bite-sized resources are priced at $9 each, and you get access to all of them, for FREE!
  • First Dibs on Promotional Opportunities: I'm always cooking up something new, and I love spotlighting our account owners. Space is usually limited for these, and you'll get the first crack at them
  • Priority Support: Plain and simple, your tickets will be the first ones we answer

I am SO excited about this newest iteration of our All Access Plan, where you can get more support and strategy to help you grow and evolve with confidence and clarity!


So who am I?

For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Erin Kelly, and I'm the CEO and co-founder of

 MemberVault. My background is in business and communications, and I'm obsessed with marketing of all

 types. I live and breathe email marketing in particular, and have dabbled in pretty much every variety, i.e. daily emails, newsletters, funnels, launch sequences, onboarding, triggered behavioral and more.

I strongly believe that nobody knows what's best for you like your own instincts. So you won't find me telling you my way is the only way. But a sounding board is always nice, and this sounding board is all about building a sustainable business that doesn't burn you out.

With the All Access Membership, you’ll have me and my brain in your corner.

But I must warn you…

This isn't a community-based membership that you’ll need to stay on top of to get the best results. <- - - You need that like you need a hole in the head. 😂

This membership isn't a laundry list of endless content either. Instead, you can rest comfortable knowing that you have complimentary access to ALL of our strategic Action Labs, like the popular ‘Gamify Your Offers’, ‘No Sales Emails Needed’ and ‘Audio Gold’.

And it’s YOUR questions and interests that will help shape future Action Labs.

Plus, monthly marketing templates to help you get more visibility with your paid offers for more sales. 

And the private Q&A podcast I mentioned? This is a new way for you to get guidance from me (and a handful of other experts) on-the-go.

We’ll be able to dive much deeper into topics than possible in a simple community post. Get answers on things like: "What am I doing wrong? My emails don't convert, and there is zero engagement.", "I'm running a membership, but I feel like I'm ON 24/7...how do I introduce some boundaries before I burnout?", and "I'm planning to launch my X offer, and I'm thinking about doing a workshop to kickoff the launch. How can I use gamification for this?".

What’s the first thing you’d like insight on? The tools and support you need for limitless success are accessible right at this moment!

Simply log into your account and upgrade now to one of our All Access Plans - the $99 monthly, the $990 annual or the $2,500 lifetime (you can log in/look it up here). Just go to the top right > Admin > Account Plans and choose All Access Plan.


Once inside, fill out the "Next Steps" intake form and I'll use those answers to create the Q&A podcast episodes (don’t worry…I won't share any identifying info), new Action Labs and marketing templates.

Questions? I'm just an email away at erin@membervault.co.

Join us in this exciting journey with MemberVault, where we turn your challenges into triumphs, together.


Erin Kelly, CEO @ MemberVault

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6 Emails to Send for More Visibility

A beautiful MV site can only sing with sales, engagement and fun for you IF there are actually people visiting it. Time to send some emails!

๐ŸŽง Your Questions, Answered Podcast

๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ Ask Your Question(s) for the Podcast

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