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All Access Marketing Templates

Tired of writing emails and social posts...or more likely, tired of beating yourself up for NOT doing those things? 😫

You know you need more visibility on your paid offers to bring in more revenue, but it's tough to fit in when you have 9754924 things on your daily to do list. 😅

Or worse, you push yourself to post on social or email your list...only to make just a handful of sales (or none at all). 😓

Enter the monthly marketing templates, included on our All Access plan. 

✅ 1 high conversion, high engagement sales strategy

✅ 4 weekly email templates

✅ 20 social posts

And those templates tie right back to the high conversion, high engagement sales strategy so you feel focused, confident and clear on how you're going to make more sales this month with visibility efforts that tie right back to a paid product. The sales strategy will also incorporate one or more MemberVault features, so while you're getting more sales, you're also optimizing your content over time for repeat sales. 🔥

No more feeling like "I don't think I'm making the most of my MV". 

Instead, feel like you're in on all of the 🔥 hot secrets 🔥, with everything you need to make it happen. 

Each month, you'll get the templates AND a video/audio walk thru of the strategy and how to set it up in your account (transcript included). You can join in every month, or just dip in and out as you need a little extra boost. Up to you!


While these strategies will work for a wide variety of business types and audiences, you do need to have existing paid products that have sold at least a handful of times to work with. If you're still figuring out what to sell, or who to sell to, this isn't for you. Instead, spend your energy figuring out the what and who, and THEN come back for this.

These templates and strategies will also work best if you're building an audience, and wanting to create a scaleable, sustainable business that has at least one or two digital products. If you're only high touch, low volume OR if you're only selling to corporate, this isn't the right fit for you.

But if you're wanting to build a sustainable, scaleable business that has at least a few digital offers and you love creating content? This is for you. 100%. 


That's one of my specialties. 💪 Selling in a way that is supportive to your audience, so that you're both selling AND engaging. No more burning out your audience in a launch cycle. These strategies will incorporate one (or a handful) of MemberVault features, and an existing paid product of yours, to get more eyes on your offer in a way that converts AND engages.

Want to see an example? Check out the strategy walk thru lesson for May, where we're incorporating a limited time access taster sample of your paid product in a teaser module and an optional expiring bonus or discount.


My name is Erin Kelly, and I'm the CEO and co-founder of MemberVault. I’ve run content platform, MemberVault, alongside code genius and “endless extrovert battery”, Mike Kelly, for 8 years. 💪

- It’s been profitable since day 1.

- We’ve hit 7 figures annually.

- We’ve had multiple 6-figure months.

- We have a community of highly engaged, awesome account owners doing amazing things with their MVs

- My emails get love notes and high open/click/reply rates, and our community is frequently rated as people’s FAVORITE place to hang out

- I work 10-15 hr “fingers to keyboard” weeks (my brain thinks about MV wayyy more hours than that!), and spend tons of free time with my three little kiddos and my floof doodle dog…who is currently laying with all 90 lbs on me (hellllo best weighted blanket everrr)

- I’m asynch everything unless I *want* to get on a call, like my long standing weekly call with Jessica Eley, which I always combine with a long walk

- I've hired and manage a tiny team that I love, and amazing contractors that we work with

And I've spent roughly 4,160 hours working with entrepreneurs from the MemberVault community (even more if you count my OBM work pre-MemberVault, my website designer days, plus, homestead blogger).

I've learned a lot about what works, and what doesn't.

In business, in making the most of your MV, in taking action.

And this monthly template drop is one way you can get access to my knowledge of the online business -- past, present and I'm always keeping my ear to the ground and eyes open on what's going to work in the future. 


The monthly marketing templates are included in our All Access plan, which is available for $99/mth, $990/year or $2,500/lifetime (payment plans available)

✅ You can upgrade inside of your MemberVault account by going to the top right > admin > account plans. Not sure how to log into your account? Go here: https://membervault.co/lookup

✅ If you're interested in the All Access Lifetime plan, and you're currently on a legacy limited lifetime plan or an annual plan, reach out via chat inside your account to get a custom discount code. 

Our All Access plan has been crafted to give you unlimited space to create and evolve, with the support you need to make it happen. From priority customer support to our searchable Q&A private podcast feed (transcripts included), all strategic Action Labs for free and first dibs on promotional opportunities (like our expert of the week series)...with All Access, you can create a sustainable business that you love, and actually have some FUN doing it.

Questions about All Access, and whether it's a fit for you? Reach out to me at erin@membervault.co. I'd love to help!

4 Modules

Template Pack 1: Limited Time Available Teaser Module Strategy

Build up event energy and conversions by giving a limited time access view inside one of the lessons in your paid product! This month we'll be using the teaser module feature to make that happen.

Template Pack 2: Selling with Social Proof Strategy

More than ever, people want peer evidence that what you're selling (or offering up for free) is something they should spend their limited time and energy on. So this month, we're going to be diving into getting more social proof, and how to share it multiple ways.

Modules for this product 4
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