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Recurring Revenue Calculator

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The math has to math! Here are some ideas.

Keep in mind that with a recurring revenue model, you also need to consider churn (aka people canceling). The average churn % varies quite a bit by audience, but you can estimate between 4-6% as a good average. 

You'll quickly see -- if you want a low ticket recurring offer to be a primary offer, you need volume.

If it’s a lead in to a different offer, then the revenue is not as key — and it’s more about optimizing it so that it’s a good funnel for your higher priced offer.

OR it’s a multi tiered membership or a membership with add ons to get you to your desired revenue.

👋 Come talk about recurring revenue offers over in the MemberVault Collaborative community on Facebook (you do NOT have to a MemberVault account owner to join).

Recurring revenue is one of our favorite topics, from the ideation/creation phase, to the optimization phase (i.e. retention, growing your member lifetime value, onboarding, etc) because it's a solid way to build a sustainable business that you love...and MemberVault is the perfect membership partner.

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