Did you know we have an All Access Lifetime plan available for a limited time? 😍 Learn more here.

All Access Lifetime

All access lifetime banner image with unlimited products, members, communities and more

Lifetime Pro went away March 2022. Our Starter and Lite Lifetime plans went away Jan 2021. Our Founding 100 Lifetime plan was back in early 2019ish?

It seems we have a pattern. 😂 Every few years, we've introduced a Lifetime plan to help fund big development changes to the platform. And we're right on schedule with our newest -- the unlimited, all features included, All Access Lifetime plan.

Currently we have 500 375 left.


If you're on a Lifetime Lite plan, a Lifetime Starter, a Lite plan or an annual plan, reach out to chat inside your MV account to get a custom coupon link.


Based on our Unlimited plan, the All Access Lifetime plan includes unlimited products, admins, pages, members, storage and communities.* #UnlimitedAllTheThings

It also includes the All Access monthly marketing templates, priority customer support (so that your tickets are the first ones we answer), all Action Labs and first dibs on promotional opportunities (we have a TON coming up!).

Testimonial from Sarah Steckler about All Access

This is for you if:

  • you care about supporting a self-funded LGBTQ + woman owned and led software company
  • you really like how we do business, and want to stay in the insider loop
  • you love the idea of being a lifetime account owner, and not having to pay ongoing fees
  • you want to support the continued improvement and growth of MemberVault

We believe very strongly in always honoring legacy accounts. Our lifetime account owners get a really sweet deal, every time. You won't ever lose features, or have new fees required of you. And there aren't any wonky, weird, unexpected restrictions or "gotcha" moments with our lifetime, like there can be with other lifetime deals.

All features, unlimited products, members and communities. Always.

There are 500 375 licenses available for this All Access Lifetime plan. Once it's sold out, it's sold out (and it's a hard no if you email us after the fact and ask for an exception!). I have no idea when we'll offer up another Lifetime plan...and it's entirely possible that we won't. 🤷‍♀️

We're using this All Access Lifetime plan to fund hiring a top tier UX designer/developer to make both the public and admin areas of MemberVault look extra shiny, and intuitive. We’ve also hired in security, database and SEO consultants to continue making the platform even better.

Want to be a part of us making BIG improvements, and also ditching recurring payments for yourself?

Go lifetime. 💪

We're only selling 500 licenses for this Lifetime plan...once it's gone, it's gone.


Already have an annual license or a legacy lifetime license? If you're on an annual plan, we can create a prorated custom code for you. If you're on our legacy Lifetime Lite or Lifetime Starter plans, you can apply what you paid for those plans towards the All Access plan.

Just reach out to us via chat inside your MemberVault account (look up your log in here), or email us at hello@membervault.co.

Have questions about this All Access Lifetime opportunity? Email us at hello@membervault.co or ask via chat inside of your MemberVault account!

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