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Gamify Your Offers Action Lab

4 gamification ideas to boost sales, engagement + completion rates for your offers, and I'll take you from idea to execution. Includes a private podcast feed that you can take on the go with the strategic ideas, and then screenshot/text based step-by-steps to set everything up inside MemberVault. 

Want me to check in with you for a few weeks to make sure you don't forget you have this new resource? Make sure you go with the Action Lab + Accountability emails option (Oh, I so wish more people had this as an option!).

I'll send you automated check in emails on this schedule 3, 2, 1. The first week, you'll get 3 emails. The next week, you'll get 2 and the final third week, you'll get one final check in.

All of the emails will include easy one click links back to all of the lessons, a tiny little actionable strategy to keep you motivated and moving forward. 💪 If you finish before the three weeks of accountability emails is complete, you can easily unsubscribe.

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