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We're here to help you create the best possible sales ecosystem for your online business. Our Set Up + Sell resource is included for all paid account owners, and is the perfect place to get step-by-step instructions. We also have an amazing community of people like you where you can share what you want to do, and get feedback.

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Recurring Revenue Summit

Curious about adding recurring revenue to your offer lineup? Have a recurring revenue offer, and want inspiration to optimize it further? This is the event for you. Join us for the Recurring Revenue Summit with 11 amazing speakers + topics. 

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All Access Lifetime

Want to go all in with MemberVault and invest in the future growth of the platform...AND not ever pay another cent for your account? Snag an All Access Lifetime license before it disappears, and get unlimited everything! 🎉

All Access Membership w/ Erin Kelly

Access to all of our best support resources and opportunities. Make the most of your MemberVault, and increase your sales and engagement, while simplifying and optimizing what you're doing in your business with the help of this All Access Membership. 

This membership is included with our All Access Lifetime plan.

All Access Marketing Templates

A monthly template drop that incorporates my roughly 4,160 hours working with entrepreneurs from the MemberVault community with 1 high conversion + high engagement strategy, 4 weekly email templates and 20 social posts

✅ Spend less time getting eyes on your paid products

✅ Spend less energy trying to figure out how to use MV to promote

✅ Optimize your MemberVault over time, and feel confident and clear

✅ Create amazing experiences that make you stand out, in a good way

Made with MV - Audio Submission

Want to share your MV story with our audience, and get more exposure on your business? 🙌 This product is where you can submit your Made with MV episode audio, and your guest information. Once you submit, we'll take it from there, and let you know once your episode is published!

Set Up and Sell

Included for free for all accounts! 🎉 If you want to make the most of your MemberVault, but you're still stuck on an empty shell of an account, without anything in it or even your branding, this Action Lab is for you. And if your account IS set up, but due for a re-polish, or a boost of engagement and sales, this is for you too!

Questions that Convert Action Lab

Connect, learn about, engage and sell to your existing audience with one simple strategy. Everything you need to know is inside this Action Lab resource. This Action Lab is included, for free, as part of our All Access membership, or you can purchase it for $9.

Up Your Email Game Action Lab

This Action Lab includes strategies to create engaging, high converting emails that don’t land you in spam jail. Available for $9, or included for free inside our All Access membership.

Launch Your Summit Action Lab

This Action Lab includes all of the behind the scenes on how I'm using MemberVault to manage both the speaker submission process, and the actual summit, along with product and email templates. (Included for free with our Unlimited plan)

No Sales Emails Needed Action Lab

Boost your order values, and grow your email list, all at the same time using this low cost offer incentive strategy, with a simple upsell and order bump component. Includes both step-by-step guidance on the tech setup, and a private podcast feed to help you with the strategy piece.  

Private podcast feed w transcripts + screenshot/text based instructions included!

Gamify Your Offers Action Lab

4 gamification ideas to boost sales, engagement + completion rates for your offers, and I'll take you from idea to execution. Includes a private podcast feed that you can take on the go with the strategic ideas, and then screenshot/text based step-by-steps to set everything up inside MemberVault. 

The Satisfaction Framework

Understand how to maximize your MemberVault for more sales and engagement with 7 rinse & repeat strategies for fantastic buyer experiences that stand out and scale your business. Subscribe to the private podcast to listen on the go, read the transcripts or listen using the embedded players inside.

Audio Gold Action Lab

Learn how to add high value private audio feeds to your offers using MemberVault + Hello Audio, from idea to execution. Includes my ultra simple, streamlined process, along with additional options should you want/need to do it differently. 

Goodbye Overwhelm: Create Scaleable Systems for Your Client Work

Create rinse and repeat scaleable starting points, so that you're not starting from scratch with each new client -- and better yet, this allows you to automate much of your onboarding process because you know exactly what custom client details you need to customize those starting points! 

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Save Time, Sell More Bundle Application

Apply to be a contributor for our visibility and list growth opportunity in Sept 2024 - the Save Time, Sell More Bundle. Perfect if you sell to and support business owners with your offers! 🎉 Deadline to apply - Aug 19th.

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