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Blog MV TRAFFIC SUMMIT: Emma Weatherall - Insider Secrets to Turning Your Facebook Profile into a Traffic-Generating Machine for Your MV Offers

MV TRAFFIC SUMMIT: Emma Weatherall - Insider Secrets to Turning Your Facebook Profile into a Traffic-Generating Machine for Your MV Offers


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Key Topics & Highlights:

Introduction to Emma's Traffic Strategy

  • - Emma's background and clientele
  • - Purpose of sharing the traffic strategy
  • - Strategy focus on using Facebook profile content

Four Key Outcomes of the Strategy

  • - Immediate engagement with Facebook profile visitors
  • - Touching key markers of content strategy
  • - Audience growth through sharing
  • - Identifying potential clients interested in working with Emma

Evolution of the Strategy

  • - Historical use of Facebook due to budget constraints
  • - Refinement of strategy in 2018-2019

Strategy Components

  • - Professional mode and profile optimization
  • - Content as a 7-layer ecosystem
  • - Intentional call to actions and messaging testing

Use of Storytelling

  • - Human connection through storytelling
  • - Simplicity, straightforwardness, and natural appeal of storytelling
  • - Storytelling as a means of connecting with the audience

Strategy Adaptability and Versatility

  • - Use of storytelling to drive traffic to various offers
  • - Flexibility to suit different sales assets
  • - Schedule content ahead of time

Strategy Best Practices

  • - Importance of maintaining a mix of distinct content categories
  • - Incorporation of calls to action
  • - Focusing on content with actual impact on engagement, traffic, and sales

Conclusion and Contact Information

  • - Invitation to share feedback in the MemberVault Collaborative
  • - Contact information for Emma on Instagram and Facebook

Connect with Emma:





Full Transcript:

Hey there, my name is Emma Weatherall and I help established online coaches, course creators, and service providers to massively increase their sales and reach more people in a way that feels positively aligned to the direction they want their life and business to go.

I'm super excited to share the traffic strategy that is working best for me right now to send traffic to the offers that I have inside my MemberVault. What I focus on is using the content I post on my Facebook profile. I use it to attract my ideal potential future clients, show them what I'm all about what my work is, and how it would support them, and then direct them to offers based on what they're interested in. Essentially, I use my Facebook profile content to get new clients. 

There are a few different ways this works for traffic to my offers in MemberVault and for my business as a whole. But essentially, what this strategy does is four things. It ensures that whenever someone lands on my Facebook profile, whether they're searching for me, they already know me, or if we've just connected in a Facebook group or at an event or somewhere else for the first time, it ensures that whenever they see my Facebook profile, they immediately see a feed comprised of content that I've designed for them, if they're in line fit with the type of person typically in my audience, of course. This means that straightaway, there should be something that catches their eye that speaks to them, addresses what they're focused on right now, and that they can engage with in some way.

Secondly, it puts content in front of my audience that touches all the key markers of my content strategy, which I'll talk about in just a minute. So the key markers that mean people can make an informed and empowered buying decision when they do see any of my offers that might suit them.

Thirdly, it grows my audience to some extent. The more relevant my content is, the more likely it is to get shared, therefore widening the audience of people who see it beyond just my own followers. It gives me a way to surface and identify people who are potentially interested in working with me or buying something from me, people who can benefit from my work and who want to know more about working with me, which means that when I'm driving traffic, what I'm really doing is sending people who are already interested in what I can offer to help them with that goal or a specific outcome, I'm sending them over to check out an offer that will be suited to their needs.

I started using this strategy a good number of years ago, out of necessity, really, because when I started out in my business, Facebook was what was around Instagram didn't even exist. And also I had no budget to speak of at the start. So social media, i,.e - Facebook was where I naturally focused my attention to find clients.

Over the years, what I do on Facebook has, of course, evolved, as I've honed and refined what I was doing originally, and so around 2018 to 2019 was when I focused my attention on creating a framework and a particular process that converted highly, and was able to be replicated both by myself, and so that I can hand the strategy my clients and they can get results with it, too. 

So here's what the strategy looks like. First things first, I'd recommend right now if you're going to be using Facebook as a marketing channel, I would make sure you have professional mode turned on. Secondly, you need to make sure that your profile is optimized. What do I mean by optimized? Well, part of that is your content, which we're going to dive into. And part of it is making it easy to for people to see and understand what it is you do and where they can go for the next step when they look at your profile. So check your bio, check your featured links, check your profile image, your header, and don't sleep on that pin post. These are all prime real estate. And if you're looking to use a link anywhere, make sure it's linking to something that's either your current main offer that you're focused on selling, or that it's a link taking people to a good introductory step.

Now to the actual action steps. Here's what you need to do if you want to use your content to drive traffic and leads to your MemberVault and any offers you have. And that is to be thinking of your content as a seven-layered ecosystem. Listen, your content does not exist in a void every single piece of content on any platform in any location that your audience consumes from you adds to their understanding of who you are, what you do, and how that can benefit them.

When you know that each item you publish simply contributes to an overall impression and understanding, you can intentionally start layering. This is what I playfully call stacking pancakes. And the pancakes of your content, if you want to be doing everything that I've described so far should be created to fall into seven specific categories. These are:

  • Expertise content that showcases your brilliance and your knowledge in your field.
  • Credibility content that builds trust and credibility markers with the audience.
  • Decision-making content that gives insight into your values and approach.
  • Question-answering content, which answers questions your audience may have around anything to do with your work and offers
  • Journey catalyst content that speaks to the experience your potential clients have had so far as they work towards getting to where they want to be
  • Positioning content that shows exactly where you stand within your niche. And this is positioning content both for you and your work as a whole and for individual offers.
  • And finally, engagement content. And this is to keep the algorithm playing nice with everything else you're putting out there.

Together, these seven categories cover all the bases of positioning strongly within your choice of niche. Speaking to your ideal potential client's desires, their frustrations, answering their questions about your work, your approach your values, your expertise, and your credibility, pre-empting their questions and answering them before they even voice them, showing that you get them and the journey they've been on to get to where they are right now. And showing that you know how to support them to get to where they want to be. 

That type of content, one layer together is going to attract more paying clients to you. That type of content, when combined with strategic calls to action is what is going to result in more traffic to your offers, which is the next stage of the strategy.

The content you create it to serve all these purposes is the cornerstone of the strategy. But the driver, so to speak, the piece that gets people to take action to raise their hand and say yes, please, I want that. And to click on the links you share. The moderate driver that you also want to layer in is being clear about where your people need to go to get the outcome they want. Whether you're going to share a link in the comments, or if you're going to have a DM conversation with people and provide them with the info there before they head over to where you want them to go. Do not hold back on giving clear next steps in your content. Because people can only be as clear about what to do and where to go as your instructions are.

I like to be intentional about this. And I'll have specific posts that deliberately focus on a topic connected to one of the seven layers. And then I'll ask whether people want the guide or the to life repair, that's going to give them some kind of help, or give them some kind of insight into the topic I've described in my post. Plus, anyone who says they want it, will then likely opt into my email list. And the bonus here is that I'll be able to see who my audience is interested in learning more around that specific topic for future reference.

The call to action aspect of the strategy is something I'm always tweaking. And you'll probably want to as well because Facebook will sometimes throttle a post with a direct link. So linking it in the comments is better. And sometimes people will comment on your post, which is great, but you wanted to message back and forth with them. So it's always a good idea to mix things up a bit and to see what works for the various ways that you're publishing content for your style of post, for the way that you like to do things, and also for what your audience likes.

Another thing I'm always doing with the strategy is using it to test my messaging. By seeing which aspects of my message my audience responds to again, and again, I can make decisions about how to best use that in other places, like for example, improving my sales pages, or putting together sales emails and injecting them into ad copy.

There are lots of different ways that we can use messaging. And by testing it with our audience and content that they are already engaged with, we can then take that and transfer it to our other sales assets. What I like most about this Facebook profile content strategy is that it's relatively simple. It's straightforward, and it relies on storytelling, which comes very naturally to most of us. Humans connect through story. This goes back to the start of time we tell each other stories about a day, we tell people stories when we're sharing something that happened to us. We're sharing stories, and we're explaining how a client achieved something. It's why human interest stories are some of the most popular methods of PR. People connect with stories, they want to read them. And for each of the seven types of content and my strategy, there are lots of different ways you can create content depending on your style. But every single one of them can be written in simple human life factual story.

That's also another reason that I like the strategy is that if you have the function on your profile, you can also schedule content ahead of time, which makes it even easier to execute. This strategy particularly works for me more than others, especially on Facebook, because I know my audience is on Facebook. And I know that they're using it multiple times a day. So I'm able to connect with the people in my audience and get to know them and they can get to know me, just like social media was designed for. And then strategically, it's a strategy that gets people to everything from email list opt-ins to my low ticket, one-time purchase products to my mid-ticket programs to reaching out to have conversations about my high ticket offers. Depending on what you're focused on, leveraging your social content in this way, especially on your Facebook profile enables you to drive traffic to whatever you want.

Couple of things to watch out for with this strategy. Be careful that you're layering your content in different ways and that you have a good mix across the seven distinct categories. Don't get stuck in the trap of filling your feed with content that's only growing engagement and not resulting in traffic movement or sales. Also, I'll say it again. Make sure you're including your calls to action. This is really important.

Alright, that's it for me. I'd love for you to share in the MemberVault collaborative at membervault.co/collab with your takeaways from the strategy to let us know if you're going to try it yourself and when you have a moment you can find me @emmaweatherall on Instagram or by searching my name Emma Weatherall on Facebook. I can't wait to see you around and thank you so much for listening.



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